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Hold On To You


A long weekend, and new tunes too. Some recent tracks, and a few from the past few years that I've just never integrated in to a mix before. Starting at 128bpm and progressing to 130bpm, this is a vocal and progressive trance mix.

  1. Body Back (Deniz Koyu Remix) - Griffin feat. Maia Wright
  2. Hold On To You (Extended Mix) - Omnia feat. Dankya Nadeau
  3. Make Things Right (Extended Mix) - Sultan + Shepard feat. Tegan & Sara
  4. No Way Out (Extended Mix) - Vicetone feat. Kat Nestel
  5. Wait For Me (Extended Mix) - Steve Brian feat. Christian Carcamo
  6. Shine (Extended Mix) - Rub!k feat. Linney
  7. Wait For The World (Extended Mix) - Fatum & Jaren
  8. Long Way Home (Extended Mix) - Tritonal, Haliene, Schala & Jorza
  9. We Are Lost (Original Mix) - Lush & Simon X Rico
  10. The Light (Club Mix) - Disco Fries feat. Niko the Kid
  11. Stars & Moon (Original Mix) - Breathe Carolina & Shanahan feat. Haliene
  12. Your Reckless Heart (Extended Mix) - Joel Hirsch & Sara Skinner
  13. When In Rome (Steve Brian Extended Remix)
  14. Manila (Extended Mix) - Steve Brian & Emme
  15. Why Do You Run (Extended Mix) - Omnia feat. Jonny Rose
  16. Heart Will Follow (Extended Mix) - Alex Kunnari feat. London Thor


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