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Rise Like Smoke


This is one I was pondering over for a while - and is a bit varied but also has some superb vocals, amazingly produced tracks, and some beautiful instrument flavours - be that stripped back, as a feature or in the background. While recording, I was still unsure if it was quite right, but on listening back, I feel the track contrast and variety actually works well for the whole listen. A vocal and progressive solid 130bpm mix.

  1. No Warning Lights (Extended Mix) - BT & Emma Hewitt
  2. Rise Like Smoke (Extended Club Mix) - LTN & Kyler England
  3. Nothing To Lose (Steve Brian Extended Remix) - Disco Killerz & Holly T
  4. When I'm With You (Extended Mix) - Alex Leavon & Julia Ross
  5. Never Without You (Original Mix) - ATB feat. Sean Ryan
  6. My Thunder (Extended Mix) - Andy Duguid + Jaren
  7. Lullaby (LTN Extended Sunset Remix) - Roman Messer feat. Roxanne Emery
  8. Story Of Your Heart (Extended Mix) - SMR LVE feat. Kyler England
  9. Walk Away (Extended Mix) - Asher Postman feat. Annelisa Franklin
  10. One I Want feat. Max Landry (Extended Mix) - VARGENTA & VARGENTA feat. Max Landry
  11. Higher (With You) (Extended Mix) - Tom Boldt & Kyler England
  12. Lost In Love (Extended Mix) - SMR LVE feat. Roxanne Emery
  13. What Else Is There To Love (Extended Mix) - Aurosonic, Bote & Neev Kennedy
  14. Coming On Strong (Extended Mix) - Gabriel & Dresden feat. Sub Teal
  15. Afterglow (Extended Mix) - Grum feat. Natalie Shay
  16. Best Days (Club Mix) - Masoud feat. Melissa Loretta


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